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The Avian Flu is an important matter right now.  Things can change on

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Celebrating Cher Ami's 100th Anniversary

this year in Washington DC


The AU's lobbyist in DC is working to involve many different entities to celebrate Cher Ami's 100th anniversary next October.  We are hoping to work with entities such as the Dept of Interior, 77th Division, which is still active, several embassies, Smithsonian, etc.  The Smithsonian has tentatively set aside the date of 10/3/18 as that is the actual anniversary.  The AU would also like to have an impressive release on the Mall or possibly at the Arlington Cemetery.  Press conference, reception, etc...  All details still have to be worked out.


This may also have international outreach as a result of the various entities the AU partners with, which is great publicity for all of us in the sport.  The I.F. would like to help out with this.  Our 1st VP Sam Pixley in Washington, DC will try to gather birds from area flyers for a release.  Please contact Sam Pixley if you are interested in helping with this special anniversary.


The AU will do the majority of the writing and distribution of press releases and media advisories.  The main thing the AU would need is birds if we can get approval for a release.  This is a good opportunity for all of us in the sport to join together regardless of organization affiliation.


Though it is 10-11 months away, we need to work on it now.  If we don't have birds available for release(s), then we are hopeful the Smithsonian will still have an event and display their pigeon related memorabilia and we would still try to proceed with honoring Cher Ami and our veterans possibly though a press conference at the Smithsonian.


Again, nothing confirmed yet.  We would need a pretty certain commitment on a good number of birds to pursue getting permits to have a release at either of those locations.  Of course, the AU will get their members to be involved with birds, lets have the I.F. help participate with our birds for a great release at this exciting event.


For more information, please contact our 1st Vice President Sam Pixley at:

Phone: (540)752-9014     email:


Let's Help Make This Event Great!


Once more details are available and an event is scheduled, we will post it on the Events page.

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