I.F. Person of the year 2007

Ed Abramoski

Ed Abramoski - Person of the year 2007 I.F.

The 2007 International Federation person of the year goes to Ed Abramoski, not only a winner in the sport of pigeon racing but a titleholder for person of prominence in life. Eddie, a respected and noted flyer from coast to coast for his love for the sport, never to busy to help out when called upon.

Ed Abramoski has been around pigeons since 1948, living in Erie, Pa. rembering his uncle Ted Rocky an excellent pigeon flyer and passing on his passion for pigeon racing down to Ed.

While attending purdue university, still carrying the passion for pigeon racing as we all do, Ed buckled down to his university responsibilities and continued education, once out of the university, Ed married Pat, it wasn't’t to long before they purchase their first home in the Buffalo New York area, joining the buffalo club and the buffalo homing pigeon association in 1961. As a member of both organizations he held many offices. Including president of the buffalo club, as well as president, of the grand international 600-mile club. He acted as trustee of both organizations, as well as liberator and race Sec.

The premier young bird race in the buffalo area was the chet bitka memorial race; Ed ran this race for ten consecutive years watching it grow to a race paying out more than 88 prizes during his tenure.

Ed was instrumental with the buffalo association pigeon shows held during the winter months. He was one of the primer judges at this show. Eddie also served as a show judge in Erie, Cleveland, Utica, and Rockford Ill.

Acted as auctioneer for countless auctions held by the buffalo organizations and the Erie racing pigeon club, these friendships have made it possible for pigeons from prominent pigeon flyers to donate pigeons to the buffalo fundraiser's. Eddie himself has donated time and time again to all pre I.F. convention fund raisers to support the convention.

Eddies birds were always sought after by the top fanciers, noted for winning many out of area races over the years, among them the great Salt Lake Classic, handled by dale Bullough, the Illinois State Race handled by Bob Kinney, the East Meadow Futurity he has won twice in recent years once by Tim McManus and once by Val Matteucci.

Eddie has helped many new fanciers get started giving them excellent pigeons and advice. He is very open and honest, real down to earth when asked question.

Many fanciers still call him for help when a problem arises, whether it be breeding, training or diagnoses on a sickness. Eddie with his expertise always has an answer or he has the ability to find the correct answer to any problem.

In his early years in the sport, when he was trying to leer he was often given very poor advice and vowed never to give any one bad or willfully wrong advice. Ed a man of integrity and is admired by all who have the pleasure of sharing his company.

He has always supported the I.F, he has traveled to the Olympiads to England, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, and Italy.

Since retired, Ed makes the conventions part of his things to do, as he has participates and attends both the I.F. and AU conventions, now grace has the daunting job to try and find an individual with the same qualities and get up and go attitude as Eddie as he has helped everyone he meets to some degree.

By Paul Walsh